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Florida Team


IFBB Physique America Representative

George Jonson 

Welcome to the IFBBPA the official amateur organization of the IFBB International. I’m the chairman of the state of Florida, George Jonson. It is with great honor and pleasure that I’ve been appointed to serve under the direction of our President Wayne DeMilia and Vice President Jim Rockwell.

My career in the fitness and bodybuilding industry started in 1980. It has been part life of my life for the past 36 years. I have been in all facets of the fitness and bodybuilding industry from promoting shows to expediting to training athletes for shows and judging contest. I have a degree in exercise science /physical therapy /physiotherapy along with a variety of national certifications for personal training. I’ve had the great pleasure of working directly underneath our President for the last 20 years. I have learned a lot about honesty, integrity, and hard work from his leadership. If at anytime any athlete or competitor has any questions please feel free to contact me directly my contact info 561-274-2669


IFBB Physique America Representative

Carlos Cortes

I have been passionate about the sport of Natural Body building for 15 years and enjoy different perspectives to the sport. As a Competitor, I understand the expectations that athletes have in the quality of the shows they invest their money to participate in. As a Coach, I want my athletes to have the best possible experience with the preparation to compete as well as the competition itself. As a Judge, I want to make sure the the judging criteria is crystal clear so that the best possible selection can be made according to the criteria and the athletes have a fair placing. As a Promoter, I want to spread enthusiasm to all my communities in a sport that promotes health, confidence, and strength. I want to bring in new athletes to the sport and watch their competitive careers soar beyond their dreams. 

Contact at 339-223-2886


IFBB Physique America Representative

Jorge Prince

Jorge has been involved with Bodybuilding & Fitness his entire life. He started as a gym-owner in his early 20's opening Prince Health Spa in 1977 and with that success, he soon opened numerous gyms in the Miami area. He served the NPC as a competitor, a Judge, a Promoter and an Official. As a competitor, Jorge won the overall NPC Southern States and NPC Southeast USA titles. As a Promoter, he ran the NPC Miami Classic for many years. As a Judge, he judged at numerous contests for over 30 years, and as an Official he was the NPC Chairman of Miami. 

In addition, he has a lifetime contract with the Cawy Bottling Company selling his own line of soda products in the Miami area as well as the Caribbean. More recently, he sold his gyms to Bally's Scandinavia and has been involved as a Real Estate Investor and Consultant for many large frims in the Miami area as well as the Caribbean and Central America. Jorge is fluent in Spanish and English

"I am proud to be part of IFBB Physique America and look forward to promoting the sport with integrity and veracity" states Prince.