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We Spray

We Spray, the ultimate hair, make-up, and tanning company is our exclusive sponsor for those services.

To book them, contact We Spray at:


IG: @westraytan


Crystallinibikini Competition Suits

 No one captures the essence of competing to be part of Team USA like Ellen Holmes of Crystallinibikini. She has  brand new designs and cuts specifically to IFBB regulations including the Fit model 1 piece suit. For her web page visit or for her instagram follow crystallinibikini. Both Male and Female competition suits available or custom made. Hurry and get your order in right now!   


DJ G-Rod

The hottest DJ in South Florida who excels in Body building sound entertainment and various other music needs, DJ G-Rod will have you moving to a great beat on stage for you to look your best. 

Contact him at 


International Fitness Professionals Association

The IFPA Is the leading certification institution in the United States it is with great honor and pleasure that Dr. Jim Bell will be teaching a one day seminar Saturday starting at 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM on March 31. All those attendees will receive one finals ticket at a value of $44 to attend the IFBB Florida Classic.

Our main site is: If you are looking specifically for our Personal Trainer Certification "Get Certified" Page: that's here: link to the event page is here: 


Trainers Appreciated Here

At IFBB Physique America Florida Classic, we recognize and appreciate trainers to be our biggest sponsors. Because of which, trainers will receive the following for bringing athletes to the show:

Bronze Level (8-10 competitors/including crossovers)

Table in the Lobby to Display their services and athletes.

2 tickets to prejudging and finals.

Silver Level (11-15 competitors/including crossovers)

Table in the Lobby, 2 Tickets to prejudging and finals. Backstage access before judging. 

Gold Level (over 15 competitors/including crossovers)

Table in the Lobby, 4 tickets to prejudging and finals. Backstage access before prejudging and before finals. Training Company name/number presented on stage as a Sponsor. Award Presentation. 

Trainers must contact George Jonson at prior to the registrations.