Rules on Raffle




Attention all athletes! Here is your opportunity to save hundreds on a competition  posing suit!


Date- From November 17 to December 16! Drawing will take place on December 17.

Earning Entries- 

1) Social Media: Post and Tag

---------Post = 1 entry

---------10 likes per post = 1 additional entry

--------- 5 shares or reposts = 1 additional entry

*All post MUST TAG 

George Jonson IG@ gj_ifbbpa_

Carlos Cortes IG@ Florida_Champs

Ellen Holmes IG@ Crystallinibikini

Glowing Gold Tanning IG@ glowinggoldtanning

*All must mention the IFBB Physique America Crystallini Florida Classic presented by Glowing Gold Tanning on March 22nd, 2020.

*All must mention the website IFBBPA.ORG

2) Website votes using athlete code

--------- Candidates are to encourage others to vote for them at the website  https://ifbbpa.org/shop?olsPage=t%2Fathlete-voting using the athlete coupon for 1 free vote. Additional votes may be purchased for $1 each vote. 

----------each free purchase of vote = 1 entry.

----------each purchased vote of $1 = 5 entries per purchase.

----------tagging and reposting rules apply.

3) Candidate may obtain entries through referrals. 

-----------Candidate refers athletes to compete at the IFBB Physique America Crystallini Florida Classic presented by Glowing Gold Tanning.

-----------Each referred athlete must claim the referral in their registration.

-----------Each referral is = to 25 entries.

-----------All posting and tagging rules apply.

Example of a Post

Friends, I have entered a raffle hosted by @gj_ifbbpa , @Florida_Champs , sponsored by @crystallinibikini and presented by @glowinggoldtanning whom together bring you ...

Glowing Gold Tanning Presents the IFBB Physique America Crystallini Florida Classic on March 22nd, 2020. Info for that competition can be found on IFBBPA.ORG

Please like and share my post as they count for entries into the raffle. 

In addition I ask that you take the time to visit https://ifbbpa.org/shop?olsPage=t%2Fathlete-voting and use my code (CCFC2020) to purchase 1 free vote for me. Each free vote is worth an entry so your time is appreciated. If you feel compelled to purchase an additional gift vote for me, they are worth 5 entries each. Your generosity is very appreciated. 

Also, I encourage any athlete looking to compete in the spring or looking to compete to represent the USA in international competition to compete at this event. Please mention me at registration and I will receive even more entries for each referral. 

Anyone can enter this raffle! 

Lets Do This!! 


Compete at the IFBB Physique America Florida Classic for Sponsorship to Team USA at the IFBB Miami Grand Prix


Top Athletes in each Division will win a Gold Sponsorship.

2nd & 3rd Place Athletes will earn a Silver Sponsorship.

4th and 5th Place will earn a Bronze Sponsorship. 

Top 5 Novice Athletes will receive a Bronze Sponsorsh